The main goal of the program is to buy and deliver humanitarian aid to the residents of Ukraine who are in need of food, medicine and basic necessities in wartime.

The most active fighting is taking place in the eastern, most densely populated part of Ukraine. Many settlements are blockaded as infrastructure and logistics routes are destroyed or shelled.

Millions of residents of frontline towns are unable to leave their homes and remain in danger without full access to food, water, and medicine. We provide support to the most vulnerable population groups who are unable to provide themselves with the necessities. Besides we form a strategic reserve of food packages for town residents.

Many enterprises of Metinvest, DTEK and SCM Group businesses are located in eastern Ukraine and are familiar with the problems of these regions.

The “Saving Lives” program is implemented in coordination with Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation, which has been helping war-affected regions since 2014. The Foundation implemented the largest-scale humanitarian project in Ukraine and helped more than 5 million people survive.

In 2020 together with the Government of Ukraine we organized assistance in the fight against Covid. Also, as a business, we have well-developed procurement, logistics, financial and legal chains to support this initiative.

In addition to experience, the organization and delivery of aid requires the full support of the state. The “Saving Lives” program takes place in close cooperation with local municipalities.

As a result of active hostilities, the infrastructure and many businesses have been destroyed, and it will take time to rebuild. Ongoing support for these regions, support for the people who live there, will help preserve the economic potential of this region and restore Ukraine’s economy.

Both an individual and a legal entity can provide assistance either in the form of monetary charitable contributions or in the form of supplies of food and basic necessities.
To do this, you can use any of the ways listed (information can be found on the pages Donation end Humanitarian aid).

We will post as quickly as possible on the website (press releases, financial releases) and regularly communicate through the media our successes and the status of our key initiatives. The Foundation will be audited according to international reporting standards for NGO and will publish on the website the reports along with the auditor’s reports annually.

Initial financing is provided by Metinvest, DTEK, which is joined by our partners and customers – US STEEL KOSICE, JOY GLOBAL POLAND, FILTRAPOL SP. Z o.o., Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant, Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH, T Machinery A.S.