Our contribution to addressing the humanitarian crisis: Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih and Avdiivka thank Saving Lives humanitarian project

Local military and civil administrations in Zaporizhia, Kryvyi Rih, and Avdiivka have expressed their gratitude to the Saving Lives humanitarian project led by Rinat Akhmetov's businesses. They emphasised in their official letters that the initiative helps save the lives of Ukrainians in the regions affected by the Russian invasion.

According to the letters, with the productive cooperation of the project and the authorities, Ukrainians on the ground receive the much-needed humanitarian aid: medicines, food, and other essentials. This is vital to support residents of the regions suffering from the Russia's military aggression.

The aid is primarily intended for vulnerable citizens, such as single mothers, children with disabilities, large families, as well as those who cannot be evacuated from the warzone. The Kryvyi Rih community has already received 15,000 food packages from the humanitarian project. In addition, 11,000 food parcels have reached Avdiivka over two months. A key humanitarian hub in Zaporizhia has received over 650 tonnes of humanitarian aid consisting of survival kits. Maintaining an uninterrupted supply of humanitarian aid to the regions will help avert the humanitarian catastrophe.

Local civil and military administrations expressed gratitude to the Saving Lives project team for their commitment at these difficult times and hopes to see further effective cooperation between the local authorities and the project management to overcome the humanitarian crisis.

Almost 35,000 people have received humanitarian assistance in different regions of Ukraine as part of the Saving Lives project.