Saving Lives sends 11,000 survival kits to Avdiivka

Over two months of the war, Avdiivka has received over 11,000 food packages as part of the Saving Live project implemented by Metinvest Group and DTEK in concert with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation.
Avdiivka is under constant shelling by Russian-led terrorists. The town remains without water, there is disruption to electricity and gas supplies. Logistics problems lead to food shortages, and the local community urgently needs help.

The town residents who have not left their homes keep receiving food aid from the Saving Lives project. The packages includes pasta, flour, cereals, sunflower oil, canned meat, sugar, and condensed milk. The contents of the packages meet the nutrition value recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

"Together with Avdiivka authorities, we keep helping evacuate people from the town. Metinvest is evacuating employees and members of the families who want to leave the unsafe place. Still, there are many residents who are not going to leave the town, for different reasons. And they need our greatest attention and help. We have been providing food to all people who need it since Avdiivka became an active war zone," stated the CEO of Avdiivka Coke Vitaliy Lytovka.

Almost 35,000 people have received humanitarian assistance in different regions of Ukraine as part of the Saving Lives project.