Raising money to save lives! Your donation is greatly valuable!

The Saving Lives project is our response to the needs of the country, regions, and ordinary Ukrainians that arose because of the war. We continue to provide food, hygiene products, and medicines to all who need them.

The next step is to establish a rehabilitation center. This way we want to support veterans returning from the war who require physical and psychological rehabilitation and prosthetics. At the same time, we want to help the families of Ukrainians to get back on their feet: women – to recover and learn new professions, and children – to cope with stress and prepare to enter into institutions of higher learning.

Raising funds for food packages for vulnerable categories of Ukrainians

  • Collected $35 460 of $110 000

Raising funds for prosthetics and rehabilitation of people injured in the war

  • Collected $115 000 of $150 000

Raising funds for the psychological rehabilitation of women and children

  • Collected $180 000 of $300 000