Avdiivka Coke delivers 6,000 tonnes of food to local community

Metinvest Group continues to support residents of the front-line Avdiivka and has recently brought one more humanitarian aid convoy to the city as part of the Saving Lives project rolled out in concert with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. Employees of Avdiivka Coke delivered 6,000 tonnes of food to local shelters.

Avdiivka is under constant shelling of Russian invaders that keep on destroying the city from the air and use heavy weapons to deliberately hit high-risers, social facilities and backbone enterprises. Despite the constant danger, around 2,000 residents still remain in the city. Volunteers, local authorities and employees of Avdiivka Coke help them. Coke makers bring humanitarian aid to shelters where many people are staying. In the rare breaks between shelling they form packages and go to high-rise residential buildings and private sector houses.

“We continue to work to keep Avdiivka Coke Plant running and support the residents. This is our home plant and our home city and we are all one big family. Those people staying in the city still need our support. It is getting harder and harder to deliver assistance to Avdiivka and then bring it to shelters. But we will keep supporting the residents as long as we have a chance. Metinvest has always been a pillar of support for Avdiivka, in good and bad times. I am confident that together we can cope with any challenges,” noted the CEO of Avdiivka Coke Plant Yuriy Ktsynenko.

Metinvest Group provides regular humanitarian assistance to Avdiivka community. Overall, Saving Lives has provided nearly 20,000 food packages to the community since the all-out war began.