Saving Lives provides backup power systems to Pokrovsk community

Metinvest continues supporting residents in the areas of operations in the time of all-out war. Recently, Pokrovsk community has received four more diesel generators from the company.

This became possible thanks to Metinvest's cooperation with European partners and the Ukrainian Consulate in Austria. STRABAG provided 16 backup power units. With the support of the Do it Together Fund and Saving Lives, Austrian diplomats helped deliver these diesel generators to the areas where the Group operates. In particular, Pokrovsk community benefited from the aid.

According to Serhiy Dobriak, the Chairman of Pokrovsk Town Military Administration, two medium-sized generators will help keep people warm and charge devices in Points of Invincibility. Two more generators with higher performance will be connected at utility companies supplying heating and water.

"STRABAG strongly condemns the aggressive war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and supports all initiatives seeking to help the victims and restore peace in the region. To do this, we strive to make the best use of our resources and networks. One of our buildings in Poland was made available to refugees. In Moldova, we provide financial assistance to Concordia that takes care of the victims. In addition, we sent 16 backup power generators to support  Pokrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kamianske, Kherson, and Mykolaiv in Ukraine. We are grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria and our partners, the Saving Lives humanitarian project run by Metinvest Group, for helping with the logistics and delivery of diesel generators. This reliable equipment will support uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure," said STRABAG SE CEO Klemens Haselsteiner.

Backup power supply sources ensure that our cities and towns will cope with blackouts despite all the enemy's efforts to destroy the energy infrastructure.

"The resilient and hopeful Ukraine cannot be plunged into darkness. Our people prove it daily as they continue fighting and holding out, showing an example of absolute bravery. Austria has expressed its solidarity with Ukraine more than once, striving for peace and supremacy of democratic values. We are happy that Austrian business has taken the initiative in providing assistance to Ukrainians. The other day, power generators were delivered and installed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and utility companies that provide heating services to Ukrainian civilians. Ukraine is strong and invincible, because its people are united. Moreover, Ukraine brings Europeans together and has a strong worldwide support," said the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Republic of Austria Vasyl Khymynets.

Earlier, Metinvest bought and handed over five modern diesel power stations to Pokrovsk community to ensure uninterrupted operation of boiler houses? during power outages.

"They served as an alternative power supply for our district heating, and people could go through the winter with heating in their homes," said Andriy Akulych, CEO of Metinvest Pokrovskvuhillia.

Overall, the company has handed over 284 power generators and multi-charging stations to social facilities in the cities and towns of operations, as well as to defenders of Ukraine.