Saving Lives provides over 1,000 survival kits to Mriya Foundation

Metinvest Group’s Saving Lives humanitarian project continues its mission to help ease the suffering of war affected Ukrainians. Mriya charity foundation that takes care of the families of Ukrainian defenders has received one more shipment of supplies with over 1,000 packages containing food and hygiene items.

Since the launch of the full-scale war in Ukraine, assistance from Saving Lives has reached more than 500,000 Ukrainians. The supply shipments are distributed on the spot, in coordination with the authorities. The project sends the supply shipments to different charity foundations. Recently, the shipment with 545 food packages and 500 hygiene kits was taken to Mriya logistics centre.


Mriya charity foundation was established at the initiative of a paramedic Yulia Payevska, known better by her nickname Taira. The mission of the foundation is to support the families of captured Ukrainians and help the families of fallen soldiers.

Over 1,000 families of killed, captured, and missing combatants across Ukraine will receive food products and hygiene items from Saving Lives. This assistance helps support these families in the most difficult time of their lives.

Along with providing Ukrainians with food and essentials, Saving Lives focuses on other areas of assistance, including prosthetic treatment and psychological rehabilitation, arranging shelters for the displaced, as well as supporting social and cultural initiatives.