The "Unbreakable Mom" project helped a woman and her daughter overcome the pain of loss.

Iryna ZHURIBIDA is a specialist in the HSE Department in Zaporizhstal. Moreover, a participant in the "Unbreakable Mom" project from the "Masha Foundation" and the "Saving Lives" Metinvest Group's humanitarian initiative. 20 days, the woman and her 14-year-old daughter Kateryna spent in the west of Ukraine, where they were able to work with psychologists, and it was of vital importance for them. After all, a full-scale war took the life of her husband - Maksym Zhuribida.

Let us recall, that the "Unbreakable Mom" program was developed to stabilize the psycho-emotional state of participants, prevent the development of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), development of adaptability and self-actualisation, creation of new social ties.

- At the beginning of the full-scale war, it was very difficult and worrying. First, we were in Zaporizhzhia, then we went to Poland. But we returned home in July. After all, my eldest son stayed here, and in general, it is better at home, - the woman recalls.


Before the full-scale war, Maksym Zhuribida worked in Zaporizhstal in the Railway Transport Department. With the beginning of the rf armed aggression, he joined the defence forces of Ukraine.

- At first, he joined a volunteer service - he was trained in the city, he was nearby. But later Maksym decided to go to the front after all. I was shocked and excited, 24/7 you are waiting for the one and only SMS "I'm fine". It was hard to accept it. He didn't even say in which direction he was. Then we did not see him for four months, - says Iryna.

Iryna and Maxim have been married for 20 years. According to the woman, she never spent a single day without her husband - they were always together. But during the full-scale war, she celebrated her birthday for the first time without her lover. A bit later, I learned the sad news - Maksym suffered a concussion and was in a military hospital. And later - about the death of my husband.

- Now I live, probably, only because of my children and Maxym's and my parents. I understand that they need me more than ever. Work also saves from sad thoughts. But I received the greatest stress relief during the "Unbreakable Mom" project. My daughter and I talked to psychologists, shared our grief, and worked through our pain. In addition, there were many of the same girls whose happy lives were mercilessly destroyed by a full-scale war. Therefore, in addition to psychological relief, the project also gave me and my daughter new friends, - added Iryna Zhuribida.