An Unbreakable mom - the wife of a fallen defender of Ukraine: "I use psychological practices myself and help others"

     Anna Popova is from Zaporizhzhia, where she met her husband. When the full-scale Russian invasion began, the family lived in Chernihiv region. The man voluntarily enrolled the war without telling his wife. He decided to defend the country on his own, because his friends did the same. He carried out combat missions in the Bakhmut area in a separate special operations battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, destroyed enemy aircraft and missiles as part of the air defense forces.

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     This March, the fighters were defending their positions when the Russian attack began. Anna's husband started shooting back. A 35-year-old serviceman was killed as a result of cluster bombardment. The woman moved to Zaporizhzhia, the city that brought them together, and got a job as a gardener.

    The City Council offered Anna to join the "Unbreakable Mom" program from the "Masha Foundation" and the humanitarian initiative of the Metinvest Group "Saving Life".

     "I am very glad to attend the program and meet new people," says Anna. - I liked working with a psychologist. Another person was looking at me, who knew what to say to me, how to support me, what to advise.

     After the burial of my husband, I was very nervous, I took it hard. The program taught us many psychological practices that I use myself and even try to help other people. This is valuable support to cope with stressful situations, to calm down, to make deliberate decisions.

     Now, to get rid of negative thoughts, I go for walks in the forest. Here you forget about everything - nature saves. My husband and I loved fishing. We used every opportunity to go out of the city.

     I remember art therapy the most. I am fond of knitting and in general I like to work with my hands, so I enjoyed making rag dolls, hot pads, napkin holders. It turned out very well.

     I found new friends on the program, some of whom I see often - we live in the same city. We keep in touch with girls from Kryvyi Rih. We can laugh, support each other. We are in contact with our group from Morshyn.

     After the trip, I felt better, and now work helps me. I know that I will go to work, I will not sit at home in a closed space. Sometimes memories of my husband come back. But he asked me: whatever happens, you have to live on.

     The program turned out to be very useful for me - I learned a lot of interesting things that really help. I am very grateful to have been there.