Saving Lives programme joins charitable concert in London to support a music school in Kherson region

On 18 October, the heart of downtown London resonated with the enchanting tunes of Ukrainian classical music during a charitable concert hosted by the CEO Club London. The Saving Lives humanitarian programme of Metinvest Group and the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation partnered with this initiative to raise funds for the music school of Stanislav town in Kherson Oblast.

The fundraiser set out to reopen the school after seven hard months of Russian occupation and provide the young talents with musical instruments that have been looted or destroyed by the retreating invaders.  The event raised enough to purchase all the necessary instruments.

“The Saving Lives initiative's mission is to offer comprehensive support to those most affected by the ongoing war. We pay special attention to the psychological recovery of Ukrainians, and we firmly believe that music possesses a remarkable power to mend emotional wounds,”

explained Tetiana Petruk, Director of Sustainable Development and People Management, Metinvest Group.

This event gathered more than 100 attendees, including representatives of the British Parliament, Pauline Latham and Mark Pritchard. They expressed their support for this charitable initiative and stressed the importance of cultural diplomacy in these challenging times. Furthermore, they provided reassurance that Great Britain remains committed to assisting Ukraine and will stand as a steadfast ally in its fight for independence.

The highlight of the evening was the performance of Ukrainian musicians, including a singer Maryana Bodnar, a violinist Bohdana Pivnenko, and a pianist Oleksandr Hryniuk. They showed the similarities between Ukrainian and British classical music by playing the pieces written by prominent Ukrainian composers – Myroslav Skoryk, Mykola Leontovych, and Valentyn Sylvestrov, whose works reflect the traditions of Ukrainian culture, stir deep emotions, and promote the idea of national identity and patriotism.

The Saving Lives humanitarian initiative was launched by Metinvest Group in concert with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation since the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Almost 500,000 people in 70 communities have benefited from the assistance since the all-out war began. Ukrainians received around 4,200 tonnes of food products and hygiene items, and hospitals benefited from medicines, consumables, and equipment worth €250,000.

Nearly 250 businesses around the globe, 400 volunteers, and 10 foundations and NGOs have joined the initiative. The total aid received from donors exceeds €2.7 million.

Saving Lives focuses on providing prosthetic care and rehabilitation to Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, as well as improving psychological and emotional well-being of women and children.