The first group of 150 children completes Strong Generation Camp – Future psychological rehabilitation programme

One hundred fifty war-affected children of Metinvest employees have completed the psychological rehabilitation programme, Strong Generation Camp – Future, organised by the Saving Lives humanitarian initiative.

The programme participants included children of employees mobilised to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and IDPs from all Ukrainian companies of the Group as well as children that have been injured or lost their family during the shelling.

The children spent two weeks in the Carpathians where they attended individual and group psychological training sessions, art therapy sessions, master classes, and took trips to lakes, mountains and waterfalls.

Natalia Domasheva, wife of a Ukrainian fighter and mother of a nine-year old Pavlo and 11-year old Karyna

“Before the war my husband worked at Northern GOK, railway transport department, and now he is defending our country in the east. While their dad is away, the children are eagerly waiting for the news. He is hardly ever in touch. Just a “dot”, just a “plus” sign, and we know that he alive and he is ok. The children were really worried and upset. They shut themselves away from the world and talked to each other only when necessary. After the trip they have become more united, more confident, started smiling and felt completely at ease. My daughter started talking to people face-to-face rather than on the phone, and going outside more. She started talking to me and showing interest in the things she did not care about before. The programme engaged specialists who worked with children, explained to them why it was wrong to turn inward and why it was important to discuss their problems and who could help them in this situation. The programme turned out be a success for my children, it was useful and made them happy. The children are very grateful".

There are 155 children in the next group who will join the programme in August. The initiative will embrace 400 children of Metinvest employees in total.

Director of Sustainable Development and People Management Tetiana Petruk:

“Metinvest is first of all about people. The war has become a real test for everyone. Over 8,000 employees of the company have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and thousands of our employees have lost their homes. We are under constant stress now, but no one has to face it alone. Right now we are helping the families of our employees, especially children, take care of their mental health. This is important for young children’s lives and their future as well as cities, regions and the entire Ukraine.

With the support of donors, Saving Lives plans to spend nearly UAH 9 million on the psychological rehabilitation programme, Strong Generation Camp – Future.

The Saving Lives humanitarian initiative was launched by Metinvest Group in concert with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation on the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Over 15 months of the all-out war, almost 500,000 people benefited from the assistance in 70 communities. Ukrainians received more than 4,200 tonnes of food products and hygiene items, and hospitals benefited from medicines, consumables, and equipment worth more than €250,000.

Nearly 200 businesses around the globe, 400 volunteers, and 10 foundations and NGOs have joined the initiative. The total aid received from donors exceeds €2.7 million.

Saving Lives focuses on providing prosthetic care and rehabilitation to Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, as well as improving psychological and emotional well-being of women and children.